AnGeWaNt diskutiert Ergebnisse auf internationaler Konferenz

AnGeWaNt diskutiert Ergebnisse auf internationaler Konferenz

Das ifaa-Team stellte am Wochenende Projektergebnisse auf der 11th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2020) vor. Es wurden zwei Beiträge zu den Themenkomplexen Kompetenzentwicklung, Unternehmenskultur und Führung für Digitalisierung und Hybridisierung präsentiert.

Die beiden Beträge wurden in einer vom ifaa organisierten und moderierten Session zu Competencies and Culture for Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 vorgestellt. Im Folgenden finden Sie die englischen Kurzbeschreibungen der Beiträge. Die Publikation mit allen Beiträgen zur Session ist bei Springer verfügbar.

Kurzbeschreibung des Beitrags zu Kompetenzentwicklung

Systematic Competence Building as a Success Factor for Establishing Hybrid Business Models

The article describes a dialogue-oriented concept for analyzing future competence requirements for establishing new business models. The concept has been tested within three German small and medium enterprises. Based on the results it is possible to develop strategies for building up skills the enterprises will need in future. In this context, it should be noted that competence gaps on the customer side can counteract the successful establishment of new business models. A consideration of this aspect as well as possible solution approaches, which were compiled in workshops with three pilot enterprises, will be presented.

Kurzbeschreibung des Beitrags zu Unternehmenskultur und Führung

Leadership and Corporate Culture as Key Factors for Thriving Digital Change

Digitalization, artificial intelligence (AI) and in particular increased availability of data enables companies to develop new or changed business models and generate additional revenues. In order to use these potentials successfully, the implementation of hybrid business models and new technologies often also requires a change in the existing management and corporate culture. Nevertheless, many companies neglect to accompany technological changes by developing the skills of managers and employees. Therefore, the Institute of Applied Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics conducted a Germany-wide online survey of specialists and executives (n=178) to analyze the status quo and the requirements for personal development and leadership of companies from the German metal and electrical industry.

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